Pawel Czarnul

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Challenges and Trends in Modern Parallel and Distributed Computing
Pawel Czarnul

Pawel Czarnul is an Assistant Professor at Gdansk University of Technology (Poland) in the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (Department of Computer Architecture).

The research interests of Dr. Czarnul include parallel and distributed computing, high performance computing (including GPGPUs), Internet and mobile technologies.


Abstract of communication: 

The talk will focus on challenges and trends in parallel and distributed computing. The speaker will discuss future directions and corresponding problems in High Performance Computing (HPC) including GPUs, multicore CPUs, GPGPUs. Topics of interest will include performance, energy efficiency of modern parallel and distributed systems, need for new programming paradigms and APIs that will match hardware development. Furthermore, challenges in integration of systems with mentions of clusters, grids, cloud and sky computing will be presented. In this respect, service-based workflow applications along with key issues will be discussed.

Heterogeneous Distributed Computing
June 14
Keynote talk