Schahram Dustdar

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Elastic Computing
Schahram Dustdar

Schahram Dustdar is Full Professor of Computer Science (Informatics) with a focus on Internet Technologies heading the Distributed Systems Group at the Technology University of Vienna in Austria.

The research interests of Prof. Dustdar are in Service-oriented Architectures and Computing, Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, Complex-, Autonomic-, and Adaptive Systems, and Context-aware Computing including all aspects related to collaborative systems (e.g., Workflow technologies). A more recent thread of research interest concerns data services and novel programing models for Computational Science and Engineering.


Abstract of communication: 

Elasticity is seen as one of the main characteristics of Cloud Computing today. Is elasticity simply scalability on steroids? In this talk I will discuss the main principles of elasticity, present a fresh look at this problem, and examine how to design future elastic systems by integrating people, things (IoT), and software services into one composite system, which can be modeled, programmed, and deployed on a large scale in an elastic way.

Heterogeneous Distributed Computing
June 14
Keynote talk